Sedelhöfe, Ulm

Investment1 billion turnover in the last three years

Stresemannstr. 3, Bielefeld


Boulevard, German Highstreet Portfolio

ZO - Zentrum Oberwiehre, Freiburg

Who we areOne of the leading high-street real estate agencies

Weinheim Galerie, Weinheim

RALPHHAGEDORN stands for competence, reliability and top contactsCarsten Fischer, DC Values
Private owners or large institutional investors – RALPHHAGEDORN is right at home in all areasLothar Schubert, DC Developments


Sidewalk, German Highstreet Portfolio

Wilmersdorfer Str. 57, Berlin

Gerhofstrasse 10-12, Hamburg

Westenhellweg 52, Dortmund

Große Str. 94, Osnabrück

Galeria Kaufhof, Trier

RALPHHAGEDORN always manages to address and cater to the different interests of all partiesDr. Frank Wenzel (Aachener Grundvermögen)
RALPHHAGEDORN staff think outside the box – which is precisely what has helped us close many dealsThomas Hübner, BMO

Hohe Strasse 152-154, Cologne


KPTN, Hamburg

Grosse Packhofstrasse 36, Hannover

Schildergasse 52, Cologne